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Operations Management
— Optimization of prime cost of end products due to decrease in production and logistic expenses.

— Increase in level of the working capital. 

— Increase of economic efficiency of production assets. 

— Increase of profitability of assets of ROA (Return On Assets).
Asset Management
— Increase of overall effectiveness of the equipment OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). 
— Decrease in cumulative cost of possession of assets TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). 
— Capital productivity increase.
— Decrease in a capital intensity, labor input and capital intensity of production. 
— Optimization of costs of inventory items for maintenance and repair of the equipment. 
— Optimization of labor costs when carrying out maintenance and repair of the equipment. 
— Decrease in losses from idle times in repairs. 
— Decrease in losses from the wastage related to shutdowns.
Supply Chain Management
— Reduction of a stock rate on all production and logistic chain. 

— Increase of economic efficiency of solutions in production and in a supply chain. 

— Reduction of material losses in a supply chain. 

— Exception of sales losses arising due to the lack of the necessary goods in the right place.
Manufacturing Execution Management
— Optimization of a product line on the basis of reliable data about labor costs, expenses of raw materials, materials and energy resources. 
— Providing data for exact accounting of prime cost of finished goods. 
— Providing necessary data for transition to a price-work form of compensation of the production personnel (data for calculation of Individual Performance Factor, volumes of losses and wastage of the persons suffered because of person/group).